Tyvanni could ride with Nelly forever. Photographed by Anna-Marie Janssen in Amsterdam

Ties, Annabel, Daan, DJ, Emo & Anniek photographed by Marina Murasheva, styled by Noormah Zahir

Turner Barber photographed by Daniel Knott

Haely wants to apologise to her mom. Photographed by Giulia Albertini in Milan

Melanie Engel photographed by Tiffany Nicholson, styled by Nicholas Whitehouse

Bauke photographed by Emil Pabon, styled by Mariska Groothuis

Lina photographed by Yannick Schuette, styled by Caethe Klein

A perfect day for Charlie involves pizza or pasta on the Costa Brava. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Daria suggests you visit the bay in her hometown. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Esther Dillner photographed by Lillie Eiger, styled by Alex Kessler

Lion Bagnis photographed by Federico Fernandez, styled by Luli Farrell

Amalie Gassmann photographed by Tiffany Nicholson, styled by Melissa Roca

Carl Hjelm photographed by Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve, styled by Isaiah Walls

Caitlin photographed by Sophia Kahlenberg, styled by Lauren Dietze

Sylvan knows a thing or two about technology. Photographed by Liselotte Schuppers in Amsterdam

This Hamburg-er is always ready for adventure. Photographed by Chantelle Gomez in Berlin

Weah Bangura photographed by Daniel Knott

Tamika would rather shop for glue guns than shoes. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Mia wants to make sure people know that they matter. Photographed by Tiffany Nicholson in NYC

Einar Thoren photographed by Erik André Nes, styled by Lisa Stokland

Maria on London’s raindrops and always being herself. Photographed by Pepo Fernandez in London

The fashion industry is right where Marina wants to be. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Olesia Vasilieva photographed by Kodai Ikemitsu, styled by Cheran Kan

Tuur has a message for you, Gigi. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Paris

Adin Taylor photographed by Joshua Heath

Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Kristen Wiig… and Reese! Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

Mixing street cast with professional models, Stéphane Gaboué captures the modern Parisian man.

Carolina eats everything… except a few things! Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

Mallory Merk photographed by Sunny Shokrae, styled by Sheyna Imm

JJ Heath photographed by Danny Lowe, styled by Carlos Mangubat

Ella Grace photographed by Jared Beck, styled by Lauren Dietze

Jonny recommends an ice cream spot. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Paris

Ayşegül could tell you a thing or two about Shakespeare and gender roles. Photographed by Can Sever in Istanbul

Urvashi photographed by Lena Shkoda, styled by Bunny Lampert

As a child Kane thought he was a witch. Photographed by Levon Baird in Sydney

Andrey Smidl photographed by Elisa Carnicer, styled by Gisela Castells

New face Nic’s first ever photo shoot. Photographed by Pat Supsiri

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